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— It all began with a simple and genuine question —

”I care about how my things are made and where my money goes — how can I have a greater say in that?”

We started Orange Harp to meet the obvious need to empower people to choose the way their things are made, who makes them and therefore, where their money goes. In essence, to voice their values.

This was then accelerated by a generation who is in love with technology, is increasingly socially conscious, and constantly challenging the status quo by inventing ways to make things better.

Orange Harp is a perfect and timely mix of technology and design, storytelling and direct action, coolness and social-consciousness. Think of it as a curated collection of products and stories, a community of like minds and like hearts who are not afraid to voice their values and use their wallets to do so.

We thereby enact real change and make our planet better for ourselves and future generations. All while feeling the joy of owning amazing products made the right way.

It feels good. Really good. And the best part? You get that feeling over and over again - each and every time you look at the product you brought into your life or use it or tell its story.

We work with only the most creative small businesses, who all give a damn about making things right; about using their creativity for good; about their people, their communities and the planet. The products you get from them are unique, enduring, and inspiring.

Our story doesn't end there. While empowering people to buy things made the right way, Orange Harp is also committed to putting an end to the modern-day slavery that happens in the garment industry.

Be a part of Orange Harp - feel good over and over again.

Did you know Orange Harp is our nickname to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge?