Kristin port

Kristin with her mastiff Duchess

Kristin Moses

Founder, DesignGood Studio

Kristin and her team of creatives have established DesignGood as a solid platform for artists, designers, craftsmen, and other creative entrepreneurs who are using their creativity to make a contribution. She is also the founder of DesignGood Studio, a purpose-driven design + branding shop for people and companies who want to create meaningful businesses.

Tell us about DesignGood

DesignGood is an online community that inspires creatives to contribute, take action and work with purpose, as well as a platform to share the stories of designers who are creating a positive social impact with their work. Our matching agency – DesignGood Studio – allows us to offer clients custom creative, and identity and branding work. We specialize in working for brands who are doing good, creating change or giving back in some way.

What advice would you give to your 18 old self?

I'd explain the importance of painting a clear vision of where you’re headed, and hold on to that thought in your mind and eventually it will come to pass. Always, always keep moving forward toward that goal, even if it's just through little steps. The universe rewards your efforts and your dedication. Lastly, always come from a place of love. 

What is the trend you see now with respect to socially conscious businesses? How do consumers react to them? 

These days, consumers don’t want more stuff; they want more meaning, and we now hold brands to a greater level of responsibility. We want them to care about the greater good, and prove it with their actions and their products. The other component of this is that today’s consumers are design-savvy. It almost goes without saying that “good” has to be good-looking, too. A great cause is only powerful when it’s supported by great design. This is the fastest way, and really the only way, to create a buzz, get buy-in and help a product, brand or movement to do the most good.

What is your way of being socially conscious?

Creativity, entrepreneurship and purpose are very near and dear to our hearts – they’re at the core of everything we do at DesignGood. On the studio side, we work with clients that need our help to build businesses that matter. We work with them on anything they need – from branding and identity, to web design, content development, social media management and more. Along the way, we try to provide some coaching as well. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes that are doing good things, so we pride ourselves of being confident in knowing what it takes to start a socially conscious business.

What is your signature style? 

I like to mix simple with the over-the-top, or the dramatic. As a designer, metallics have always interested me because they represent another dimension of color and texture, which is perfect for print work as it often feels flat and two-dimensional. I gravitate towards them in my personal life as well. The use of metallics in clothing or accessories, or throughout the home, forces you to think outside the normal color and material spectrum.